Marty Hightower

After graduating from the College Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Marty spent a decade as a professional actress performing in theatres all over the country.  She has also owned a gourmet food business called Wild Thymes, worked as a chef in a restaurant, operated her own catering business, worked at a Madison Avenue advertising agency, organized special events for the University of Virginia, and held many other oddball jobs along the way. Such is the life of an actress.

Since 1995 Marty has been an employee of Jefferson Lab in Newport News, where she manages a small department that oversees food services, scientific conferences, and special events. For thirty years, she was married to John B. Hightower, who was President and CEO of The Mariners’ Museum. In July of 2013 John died from complications related to Alzheimer’s Disease. Marty was his primary caregiver.