Herb Bateman

Mr. Bateman has had extensive governmental experience and also serves as an Executive Vice President of TowneBank. Bateman has served as the Chairman and is still a member of the Peninsula Airport Commission.

Mr. Bateman has been a successful commercial and private banker in Newport News, Virginia for 30 years and currently manages a substantive loan portfolio for TowneBank. Bateman is versed in lending to real estate foundations and nonprofits. He has managed credits for construction projects from $1,000,000 to $45,000,000.

He is well versed in planning, programming and budgeting for large public organizations. Bateman also has extensive experience working with state and local government to obtain financial support for the City of Newport News, the Newport News Public Schools, and support for the Newport News Williamsburg International Airport.

Bateman lives in Newport News with his wife Mary. The Bateman’s have three children, Emmy, Hank and Sam.