dementia caregivers non profitThrough the journey our family has endured the past 5+ years, we have come to realize that there are huge holes in the system. Insurance doesn’t even come close to covering all that is needed to keep your family sane and intact. When someone is diagnosed (which can be a quite lengthy process) with Alzheimer’s Disease, they are typically not given any direction of where to turn to next. They are sent home to ponder what lies ahead. This is what happened to us. As a mom of two young children (at the time they were 7 and 10) I looked at the doctor and asked “What am I going to do?” He had no answer.

After becoming involved with advocacy and fund-raising many people asked me to start my own charity. I took their requests and suggestions seriously and almost two years later, The Garner Foundation made its debut.

Our main objective is to help caregivers survive the illness and its consequences and have someone to turn to for help. We want to make this path just a little bit easier. We talked to many others struggling with the same problems and whittled it down from dozens of ways to help to just three.

We are starting small, focusing first on Elder Care Attorney help. Then as we get our bearings and more funding, we will add Respite Care Assistance. Finally, we will add “Make-A-Memory” vacations. All of these are things I searched for help with and could not find reliable resources. I wake up every morning thankful that I have been given the strength to survive our ordeal as a caregiver and given the opportunity to help others. We have been blessed by so many and it is our privilege to work hard to pay it forward.